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Patient Testimonial

I waited about a year after my tooth was removed because I was so fearful of the procedure. I finally got the implant put in and the worst part was the injection to numb my mouth. It was a piece of cake. Thank you Dr. Chambers

- Pamela M

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Patient Testimonial

Describing this fantastic team is almost impossible. They were so wonderful at a time when I was upset and in pain. They calmed my and reassured me that things would be okay, which they turned out to be. They are one of the best groups I have ever worked with and I don't think I could have gotten through the awful part without them. Their concern and customer orientation is above and beyond and I think they deserve all the accolades one can bestow.

- Stormy F

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I can't say enough about this team of individuals. They are just exceptional in every facet of their work. From their compassion, professional expertise and customer orientation, they are among the finest I have ever had. I would not have come through my "ordeal" as well as I did without them. There aren't enough stars to give them!!! Thank you is all I can say and you can have complete faith and confidence in the entire team.

- Stormy F

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Doctor H and his crew of Mara and Jessica were outstanding! I have had 4 Molars removed over the last few years and each time I was treated with respect and kindness. Dr H and his team is remarkably quick and made sure the procedure was as pain free as possible. I was facing several tough procedures and other Dentists confidently recommended Dr H as the best man for the job.. I am glad they did. Thanks again to all the Staff at the offices at Annapolls and Stevensville they were most efficient and understanding. All the best.

- Edward Reid R

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Patient Testimonial

My procedure was done with expert proficiency and skill with a minimum and discomfort

- Alfred L

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Patient Testimonial

My mom is a RN and works in surgery. She like this office and felt they were very good with wisdom tooth extractions. Thank you for putting her mind at ease and taking good care of me

- Joshua F

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Patient Testimonial

I had two wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Chambers and staff did a great job and everything went smoothly.

- Cassie G

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Patient Testimonial

I am so grateful for the care I received from Dr. Kurt Jones and his assistant. My overall experience with this office was positive, everyone is so nice.

- Felicia H

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Patient Testimonial

Wonderful experience. Doctor and All staff very friendly, helper & knowledgeable. Highly recommend their services.

- Susan G

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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Hlousek and his staff are amazing. I had all four wisdom teeth taken out and a molar with bone graft put in. So that's 5 teeth pulled total. The procedure only lasted about 45min. They made me feel totally at ease before and after the procedure and checked up on me the following day. One of the nurses, I think her name was Jessica was especially helpful as she patted my shoulder assuring me I'd be ok as she could tell I was super nervous before the anesthesia kicked in. They really care!. Thank you!

- Thomas L

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Patient Testimonial

I have needed extensive work and dental advice and Dr. Jones and his team have always gone above and beyond in helping diagnose and resolve my dental needs.

- Scarlett H

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Patient Testimonial

After a series of unfortunate events I found myself in the chair of Dr Hlousek facing an unexpected tooth extraction to be followed by implant surgery three months later. While there is really nothing good to say about extraction surgery I made it through with the help of Dr Hlousek and his wonderful staff. He answered all my questions, explained exactly what would need to be done to insure a proper outcome for the implant and why it would take so long. Do I ask a lot of questions? Yes. Were they answered in a way I could totally understand? Absolutely. Most importantly my overall take away was that Dr Hlousek was aware of my anxiety and actually took the time to call so he could follow up on my healing progress. His calm demeanor, warm smile and professional attitude made an unfortunate set of events not only tolerable but simply stated, “Okay”. Without any hesitation I would recommend Dr Hlousek to my family and friends he and his staff are the best Annapolis has to offer. Linda Valentino

- Linda v

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Patient Testimonial

I considered my case extremely complicated and challenging. It involved multiple extractions, bone grafting and implants. I was very nervous at first, but after my consultation I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Walzer discussed my options with great detail so I knew exactly what to expect. On Oct 1, 2018 7:30 am I met Dr.Walzer and his team, (which by the way, were wonderful) at the Annapolis office. He strategically placed the dental implants so I didn't have to worry about having a sinus lift. His work was impeccable, top notch to be exact. Dr. Walzer is kind, professional, and very knowledgeable when it comes to cutting edge dentistry. I'm very satisfied with my results and I highly recommend him. I just visited him today Oct 16 2019 for another troublesome tooth. No anxiety or nervousness. He truly is the best oral surgeon around.

- Sandra D

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Patient Testimonial

The entire staff were very considerate, compassionate, and help ease my anxiety. They delivered top notch care with the best bedside (chairside) manor. I would recommend them to anyone who searching for an oral surgeon.

- Richard S

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Patient Testimonial

Dr Hloucek cared about my nervousness and had a great bed side manner. He completed the procedure quick. The best experience I’ve had with an oral surgeon. Very little swelling and pain afterwards.

- Lisa B

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Dear Dr. Walzer and Staff We were so impressed and comforted by the care our daughter received during recent visits for wisdom teeth removal. Everyone was so positive, upbeat and informative during the entire process. You forgot nothing including a smile and a few jokes! We would highly recommend you all to anyone! Thanks many times over for going above and beyond! You’re the BEST!

Debbie and Jenna Hiponia

As a general dentist I want my patients to have the best dental care possible. I refer to Dr. Sullivan because I am pleased with the quality of care my patients receive. As testament to my belief in Dr. Sullivans skill I chose him to do my own dental implant. I am extremely pleased with the results.

Gail Myers D.D.S.

I had “teeth in a day” done by Dr. Hlousek several days ago. I was pretty apprehensive about the procedure but once I arrived I felt at ease because of the professional and friendly staff who made me feel like a celebrity. Dr. Hlousek has the best calming “chair-side” manner imaginable and I actually look forward to seeing him. I have no qualms about giving this office my highest recommendation.

Rebecca Peterson

My 11 year old felt comfortable. The staff was polite. Dr. Jones explained everything very well. The assistants were kind and informative.

Lett Garris

Dr. Chambers is an outstanding dr. He not only made me feel comfortable at my first visit but did a fantastic job on the day of my procedure. His staff is so friendly and makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Chambers if you are in need of any oral surgery needs.

Debbie G.

When you’ve had your teeth for 81 years and learn that two have to be removed, trust me, it’s traumatic. However, within seconds of meeting the confident Dr. Walzer, the anxious part of me was instantly quelled. What a prince of a man! His bedside manner–top of the rating scale. His kind and gentle mannerisms immediately reassure you that you are in the hands of a caring doctor who will treat you like you are the only patient who matters. Need an extraction——– don’t settle for anything less than the best——Dr. Walzer. You’ll be glad you did!

Kathy Nowacki

I want to thank Dr. Sullivan and his staff for an amazing job! I am extremely happy with the results of my orthognathic surgery. My bite is beautiful and for the first-time functional. If at any time you have a patient considering a similar procedure, I am more than happy to share my experience, even from Afghanistan.

Jack Wildt D.O.D.

I have been referring my patients to Dr. Hlousek for many years and they always tell me what a great oral surgeon he is and what a good experience they’ve had. It’s great for me as a dentist to have such confidence in a specialist that I refer to. My trust is so great that when I needed an implant myself I had Dr. Housek perform the procedure!

Dr. Scott Billings

The staff is very warm and friendly, and the facility is very clean and modern. Dr. Jones was very caring, provided me with a detailed explanation of what the issue was, and his recommendations. Also, the wait time to be seen was less than 15 minutes.

Susan Barna

I had a wisdom tooth extraction and I could not have had a better experience. Dr. Chambers and his staff couldn’t have done a better job.

Jill S.

Administrative staff is friendly and efficient. Office runs very well. Scheduling is accurate, wait times are brief, billing is accurate. Technical/medical staff is competent, compassionate and professional. Dr. Walzer has repaired and replaced several of my teeth. He is pleasant, works quickly, and explains what he is doing. Never had a problem during or following visits, and have many years of history to base this review on. Dr. Walzer is the guy to see—this practice is as fine as you will find anywhere.

Peter Nacci

Dr. Sullivan Not only am I grateful for the modern dentistry but also for the doctor performing the surgery. Although I may have winced, never a moment passed that I was afraid. It was because I was in competent hands. As I said to you after our 1st procedure you are a master of your art!. With much appreciation.

Carroll Bowser

I was somewhat nervous getting all four of my wisdom teeth out, but the nervousness subsided once I realized that I was in good hands with Dr. Hlousek. I didn’t even realize the procedure started until he said that the top two wisdom teeth were already removed – he made this whole process quick and painless. The entire procedure was a lot shorter than I expected; I am very grateful I had Dr. Hlousek as my surgeon. I am writing this review a week after my surgery and I haven’t had any issue – all I did was follow the Doctor’s orders!

Isabella Wagner

This is the place to go if you need Oral Surgery. Dr. Jones and his staff put you at ease. They are friendly and personable. They explain what is going to happen and put you at ease. They are just a friendly office from check in time to the time you check out. I am not one who likes gong to the Dentists and even more an oral surgeon. I would recommend Dr. Jones to everyone who needs a tooth or more Pulled.

Gary McGuire

These professionals are the very best, particularly Dr. Chambers and his support team. From start to finish, all questions were answered and every step explained in a friendly, comforting manner. I was anxious about the procedure, but soon reassured, Very good experience, considering my initial apprehension. A Class act…

Ginger Solomon

Just an amazing and comfortable experience throughout the entire implant process. Dr. Walzer and the entire team at Oral Surgery Specialists are simply the Best.

Jack VanMeter

Dr. Sullivan and Staff My husband and I would like to extend our heartfelt THANKS for a job well done. Only to be topped by a very loving and caring staff! Thank you for being there for our Daniel with his wisdom teeth and Destiny with her baby teeth. You made a scary moment bearable for them.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Teske

Unfortunately, I have poor teeth, but I have a great oral surgeon in Dr. Hlousek. This will be my fourth implant by Dr. H and all have been first class. He is very professional and I have confidence in his recommendations and his surgery.

Chris Riley

My 17 year old daughter had oral exposure of a tooth! She didn’t want to be put to sleep, and the nitrous worked perfect! The staff was outstanding and communicated with my daughter the entire time! Will highly recommend this group!!! Dr. Jones was fabulous!!! Thank you.

Arline Ours

I can’t say enough about the office and the professionalism they project. Dr. Chambers is an excellent dentist. He makes you feel very comfortable while you are experiencing the procedure. I am a patient that is very nervous. His manner put me at ease immediately. I would recommend this office to anyone.

Claudette Egolf

This is the 2nd time over the years that I’ve seen Dr. Walzer. He had been very friendly, calming and professional. i was also very impressed with his assistant Sherree with whom I had my initial contact. She made me feel very much at ease even though this visit was for an initial consult.

Rose Am Feldman

Neil, (Dr. Sullivan) I was astounded at how easy you made the surgery for my implant. As you know my husband is a prosthodontist who does the crown work for lots of implants; including mine, and he told me it would be easy. But you know about husbands. Well, now Im convinced. You did a wonderful job!

Eileen Schwartz (wife of Harry Schwartz D.D.S.)

I had 3 wisdom teeth removed in under an hour by Dr. Hlousek. Very friendly staff and people. Really made me feel safe and comfortable under their care and helped to keep me clam before I went under as I told them I was nervous and anxious.

David Lumb

I had a tooth extraction and bone graft done by Dr. Jones. I was so nervous going into my appointment that I almost cancelled. Dr. Jones, Assistant Tatiana, and the rest of the staff I met could not have been more reassuring. The procedure was literally painless. I could not believe how easily I came through it. I am planning on receiving a dental implant with all the same folks and I feel very confident that the related procedures will be as comfortable and successful as possible. I feel lucky that they are my oral surgery team.

Sharon Connolly

I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple of weeks ago. I was nervous about the procedure, but the entire process was smooth and painless. Dr. Chambers and his assistants were patient and kind, and I appreciate how they thoughtfully addressed my questions. I’m grateful to have had work in this office.

Stacey A.